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Amy L. Rawson

Artist Amy L. Rawson works in many different media, because she enjoys so many different kinds of art. Her paintings are all oils, and she prefers realism as her painting style.

Between Planets

Here you will find reviews and news from the world of music and related arts.

Gemstone Deva

Gemstone Deva is the ultimate resource on gemstones, gemstone therapy and gemstone magick along with other subjects.

Kindly Ones

You are not your country's foreign policy, domestic agenda, civil rights, human rights, economic issues, stocks and shares, political history, environmental damage and reparations, foreign debt, domestic debt, hand in pocket with big business and local industry, member of the Illuminati, responsible for the deaths of Princess Di, Tupac, JFK, millions in Rwanda, Angola... on and on. But if you are a Kindly One... you have views...


A place for writers and artists, primarily for manga and anime related genres, but not exclusively so. This is DeviantART with coherent polices; attentive and fair moderators; talented people; and a friendly community not given to trolling.

Sal's Realm of Runescape

Ok, technically the link is to my blog on Sal's Realm of Runescape, but you can get to the rest of it from there. The place to be for all things Runescape related.

Issues & Causes I support

Amnesty International

This is the British home site, but Amnesty has branches all over the world (sometimes several in some countries!), but this site will give you a good idea of what it's all about.

Don't Let Disney Cut & Run in Bangladesh

The National Labor Committee has released a new report about the Niagra factory in Bangladesh, where 22 union members brave enough to demand their legal overtime pay were beaten, fired, and imprisoned on false charges. The factory requires 19 hour shifts, pays no overtime, and denies maternity leave & benefits.


Throughout the world, ancient forests are in crisis. Many of the plants and animals that live in these forests face extinction. Many of the peoples and cultures who depend on these forests for their way of life are under threat.

HO-BO Care Boxer Rescue

HO-BO CARE is a non-profit corporation registered with the State of Colorado. Our small group consists of people who care for the homeless, abused and unwanted Boxers, may they be puppies or 6 year old adults. HO-BO CARE tries to find permanent and caring homes for these animals.

The Hunger Site

Your click on the "Give Free Food" button funds food for the hungry, paid for by site sponsors whose ads appear after you click and provided to people in need around the world through the efforts of Mercy Corps and America's Second Harvest.

War on Want

War on Want fights poverty in developing countries in partnership and solidarity with people affected by globalisation. We campaign for workers' rights and against the root causes of global poverty, inequality and injustice.